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Another busy week for PE!

Miss Kat McGonigle, Acting Head of PE

Last week started with some active learning in A Level PE, as the students attempted to label the bones and muscles on one another. A great way to learn and have some fun at the same time!

The day just got busier from there with U14, U15, U16 outdoor hockey teams training on our Astroturf, the U16 indoor hockey team training ahead of their regional heats and the U18 outdoor hockey team also training and preparing for their regional heats on our Astro. 

Over 100 students were using the sports hall and Astroturf on Monday evening. Please do follow our #SaveOurAstro campaign. What you may not know is that the loss of our astro would not only affect 1,000 students every week, but it would also have a knock-on impact to our whole school resources, as the income generated from letting the facilities goes straight to the school and is used across all subjects and departments. Even more reason for every family to help us!

Whist all the hockey was going on there we netball fixtures in full flow as the U16A/B teams played St Paul’s at home with the U16A team winning 16-9 and the U16B team winning 30-14. The U12A/B netball teams had gone away to Lady Eleanor Hollis with the U12A’s losing 12-2 and the B team also coming away with a loss but both teams learnt so much and enjoyed their matches immensely. The U14A/B netball teams were also at LEH where both teams narrowly lost in closely contested matches; A’s 19-14, B’s 15-11. It is important that the teams play these strong fixtures to keep challenging them and as always I must thank my staff who give up lots of their own time to ensure the teams can play these schools.

No fixtures on Tuesday but plenty of extra-curricular as always in the form of outdoor hockey, indoor hockey, netball and cross country. Then we move to Wednesday where the U12A/B netball teams were in action again against Wycombe Abbey school with the A team losing 17-15 in an amazing end to end game of netball and the B team drawing 5-5 in another great game. The U12’s are getting better and better with every game and we are excited for the future. The U13A/B netball teams also played at Wycombe Abbey with the A team winning 17-5 and the B’s winning 16-8; two fantastic performances from our teams.

Thursday saw no fixtures but again plenty of extra-curricular for students to be involved in. Friday yet again had plenty going on including football club which is proving very popular but the headline act was the U16 indoor hockey regional heats. The U16 indoor hockey team were playing for a place in the regional finals; this team has never got to regional heats let alone regional finals before so they were very nervous about the games ahead. They started the day showing those nerves but soon settled and played some excellent indoor hockey to come through the day finishing in 2nd place and advancing to regional finals on Sunday 3rd December. Our teams only start indoor hockey in year 10 and 11 so they really have done an outstanding job to do so well and are all very much looking to playing in the regional finals for the first time.  The team: Emily Hearne, Alicia Fairman, Lavinia Champion, Katie Rowe, Olivia Broderick, Ellen Rowe, Laura Dent, Elle Green, Niamh Holbrough, Zoe Jackson, Tilly Crampsie and Charlotte Dent.

The PE department's work was not done yet as the Inter Swimming Team went to the English School Swimming Associations National Finals on Saturday, competing in the freestyle relay. Four students, Emily Sharpe, May Mckenny, Olivia Goode and Rachel Cornford, jumped on the train and headed up to the Olympic Park to swim in the Olympic 2012 Pool- how very lucky and exciting! It was a busy day for the girls as they had to do their practice swims and water acclimatization in the morning before doing their competitive swim in the afternoon. The girls swam outstandingly well and finished in 25th place beating their qualification time and rising two places up the ranks. We are very proud of what they achieved in an exceptionally competitive field. I must thank Stella Sanders and Pip Williams for taking the girls.

That is all for this week but next week proves to be just as exciting with lots of extra-curricular and fixtures with the headliners being the U18 outdoor hockey regional semi-final against Cranleigh, previous National Champions, on Monday and the U18 indoor hockey regional heats on Friday. Busy week for those 6th formers!

I also hope that you have all received our invite to the Sport & Dance Dinner on Friday 8th December, celebrating the achievements of the 2016/17 season. All students competing in sports teams from year 9 upwards and advanced dancers are invited along with their parents. We also ask year 7 and 8 students who participate in extra-curricular to help on the night waitressing, and their parents are invited too. I hope to see lots of you there, not only will it be an excellent night celebrating our students' achievements but we also have a very exciting guest speaker - to be revealed this week!

Please remember to use our sports website for all up to date fixture information and results as well as following our twitter @BHSsportdance.