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We are very pleased to announce Governors have confirmed that as part of a planned development project, an additional 30 places will be offered in Year 7 from September 2016 creating an additional form of entry – 180 places in total.


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If you have an AOL e-mail address, please be aware that AOL have increased their firewall settings and consequently none of our communications from school are getting through to parents.  AOL have advised us that this will be rectified as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you have an alternative e-mail address, please e-mail this to


Thank you.


Message from the Headteacher

Rachel Smith, Headteacher Welcome to our website. At Beaconsfield High School our vision is to develop, not only the mind, but also the body and the spirit.  Consequently, the school is vibrant, friendly and dynamic.  We are proud of the open and supportive relationships between our staff and the girls.  The highly successful academic culture offers broad, stimulating and, at times, inspiring educational experiences that are designed to reinforce independence, resilience and confidence.  It is these skills, amongst others, that have been seen to provide an immediate advantage in the competitive world of higher education and the world of work. 

Beaconsfield High School girls thrive in this environment; both academically and creatively.  Staff reinforce the value of leadership, positive morality and humility and a recent school review stated that the students have 'excellent attitudes to learning and impeccable behaviour'.   We are rightfully proud of the supportive and caring pastoral system that complements the wealth of learning and extra-curricular activities provided by a dedicated staff team.  All that we do is designed to help students grow and develop into remarkable young ladies with a pride in their school and a pride in themselves.

I hope this gives you a sense of what this school could offer for your daughter.  Please do browse the website and decide for yourself. 

Rachel Smith, Headteacher

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Message from the Head Girl  

It is almost impossible to simply summarise the wonderful experiences I have had at Beaconsfield High School, but what is clear is that I would not change anything. In the last 6 years at this school, the most important lesson that I have learnt is that resilience is the key to success. Every student has the opportunity to be equipped with transferable life skills, invaluable knowledge, and most importantly friendships that will last a lifetime. Above all every individual can learn to value themselves and embrace the ambition that is right for them. As students we have countless opportunities to reach our full potential and strike a balance between academics, sporting endeavour and developing a fulfilling social life. For my A-level options I am studying History, Maths, Economics and Psychology. At university I hope to study Economics or Law, where I hope to deepen my understanding of these subjects. I am privileged to be part of such an accepting, supportive and ambitious community, and cannot wait to see what the future will bring to this exceptional school!

Emily Heslop, Head Girl   

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