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Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Beaconsfield High School 

Our school ethos emphasises high academic achievement while recognising each girl is an individual.  Learning at Beaconsfield High School is both exciting and challenging and we encourage our girls to have the highest aspirations.  However, in order to prepare our students for a world of constant change and increasing complexity, we offer an innovative and flexible curriculum with many opportunities for students to develop their leadership potential, including a rich programme of extra-curricular opportunities.  Our highly committed and well-qualified staff work to support all our students to develop as independent, flexible, enthusiastic and confident learners.  Exploring the rest of this website will give you a further flavour of how we discover and develop individual potential. 

Ms Annette France, Headteacher

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Message from the Head Girl  

For me, I see Beaconsfield High School as more than just a place of learning. It is a place where each individual is encouraged to create a platform from which they can fulfil their ambitions for the future. Throughout my years at the school, I have recognised that the whole spirit and environment is that of a community, fuelled by team work and driven by the determination of everyone involved. As students, we have countless opportunities to stretch and challenge ourselves, both in the academic arena and through extracurricular activities; this means that everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. For my A-level options I have chosen to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. In the future, I hope to study Psychology or Natural Sciences at university, where my love for sciences can flourish. I am very proud to be part of this school and cannot  wait to see what the future may bring!

Chloe, Head Girl  

Exam Results 2014

Once again, the school has been named best performing state school in Bucks and rose to 27th in the national GCSE league tables published by the Telegraph last month. This follows an outstanding crop of GCSE results which saw 75% of all grades reaching A* or A. 67 students (45%) achieved only A*/A grades across all their entries this year, while 10 students gained a clean sweep of A* grades in this year’s exams.

Also to be congratulated are all the Y10 students on an extraordinary set of early entry results.  More than a third of all grades were A* while almost 80% were A* or A.  This bodes very well for the rest of their GCSEs next year.

Additionally, our A Level results were excellent with bumper rises in the top grades this year.  Almost 50% of all examination results were at A* or A grades and over 78% at A*, A or B grades.  6 students  all achieved a clean sweep of A* grades, while 31 girls achieved all A or A* grades.  5 students gained places at Oxbridge, and 7 students will be studying medicine, three dentistry and one veterinary science. All of these courses are highly competitive and are a testament to the quality of our students and their excellent preparation.

For more detailed information please visit Exam Results 2014 

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