Finding Me: An Oprah's Book Club Pick

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Finding Me: An Oprah's Book Club Pick

Finding Me: An Oprah's Book Club Pick

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For young Black girls with big dreams, for people living in intense poverty without a solution to get out, for mothers, for readers struggling to find a place in the world, for so many people. not just winning an Emmy, a Tony nomination, a Golden Globe award, screen actors Guild award, a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, an Academy award for best supporting actress…. I have loved this actress for a long time based solely on her skills as an actress, but now I am doubly impressed.

Viola’s childhood was tough- and it wasn’t just that her family was poor- but that she lived in a home where substance abuse and violence prevailed. To the lioness hard working kick ass, talented, determined, authentic powerhouse inspiring human being…. Like many people, I discovered Viola from her incredible work on How to Get Away With Murder and have been following her work ever since.Viola Davis is very open with her mental health journey and the therapy she has worked through to deal with past traumas. I liked her realness about so many elements of her life, including the awful colorism she faced as a dark-skinned Black woman, the difficulty of making a living as an actress, and what it felt like for her to witness her abusive father change into a genuinely kind person over time. My only regret- I have from listening to Viola read ‘this/her’ memoir so brilliantly—is that I wish I had been part of a small book group -having ongoing discussions—chapter by chapter. In the past, we've been used as chattel, fodder for inhumane experimentation, and it has evolved into invisibility. Every painful memory, every mentor, every friend and foe serves as a chisel, a leap pad that has shaped “ME!

Viola feared an entertainment career would not help her support herself, and she didn't want to live in poverty like her parents. Our latest EGOT legend douses us all with the ice cold truth: her innate talent and sheer grit got her to the threshold but it was a healthy dose of luck that nudged doors open; luck that served as the unreliable substitute to the universal key that is whiteness. She highlights the brutal racism she had to deal with as a child, the abuse she faced from family members, what it was like to grow up in poverty, and her deep desire to make something more out of her life.Trying to fully understand her ‘entire’ life story and ‘how’ she survived unfathomable traumatic conditions—for years—as a child —is staggering….

Viola Davis lived in abject poverty oftentimes without heat, clean clothing, clean bedding, and food. Growing up without the tools needed to heal from her trauma, Viola struggled a lot throughout her career, From attending Juilliard, to winning her first Tony, and then to winning her first Oscar, Viola carried that broken little girl with her everywhere. I’m baffled at just how powerful — brutal - heart wrenching- heartbreaking - heart stopping - and deeply, profoundly ‘soul’-generous Viola Davis is…. When Viola did succeed, she sometimes experienced self doubt, with industry standards, in part, to blame.

All the attributes that are attached to being a woman-desirable, vulnerable, needing to be rescued-don't apply to us. The power of alchemy, that magical process of transformation and creation to believe at any given time I could be the somebody I always wanted to be. I believe her story probably has potential to be great but I personally could not enjoy it in this casual, overly descriptive narrative format. So finding out she would be gifting us with a deep memoir of her childhood to her present day life was amazing. The colorism she experienced in the acting world and how they tried to “mold and shape” her into the perfect “white” actor.

we were the baton they were passing as they were sinking into the quicksand of racism, poverty, Jim Crow, segregation, injustice, family trauma, and dysfunction. This is one of those stories to teach white people/people of any other race how hard some black people have had it. She provides the bleak statistics surrounding the film industry and how few actors and actresses are actually able to make it in this space. All members can listen all they want to thousands of included audiobooks, podcasts, originals, and more in the Plus Catalog. For anyone who needs reminding that a life worth living can only be born from radical honesty and the courage to shed facades and be.Viola is very honest about her life and career, and her numerous anecdotes include stories that are scary; shocking; embarrassing; humorous; sad; happy; romantic; joyful; and more. Viola Davis is one of the best actors of this generation and has won multiple awards in acting, like Oscar, Emmy, and Tony. This memoir is like a conversation with Viola Davis, it doesn't have any real structure and I didn't feel like I learned anything inspiring.

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