Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Naville commented with some astonishment on one block he measured in the corner of the building’s northern nave, a block more than twenty-five feet long. The moat was contained by an immense, rectangular enclosure wall, no less than 20 feet thick, [ 19] made of very large blocks of red sandstone disposed in polygonal jigsaw-puzzle patterns. One plausible explanation is that the structure must have been built by Seti, as Frankfort proposed. Similarly the Christian psychic Edgar Cayce prophesied in 1934 that around the year 2000: ‘There will be a shifting of the poles. The flames of the Brahmastra-charged missiles mingled with each other and surrounded by fiery arrows they covered the earth, heaven and space between and increased the conflagration like the fire and the Sun at the end of the world … All beings who were scorched by the Brahmastras, and saw the terrible fire of their missiles, felt that it was the fire of Pralaya [the cataclysm] that burns down the world.

Within a decade, the standard Egyptological texts began to print the attribution to Seti I as though it were a fact, verifiable by experience or observation. And might they have been associated in some way with the legendary gods of the First Time, said to have brought to Egypt not only civilization and astronomy and architecture, and the knowledge of mathematics and writing, but a host of other useful skills and gifts, by far the most notable and the most significant of which had been the gift of agriculture? Strangely, however, in all the years of intensive excavations, archaeologists had not found a single example of a royal crown, or a small part of one, let alone a specimen of the convoluted ceremonial head- dresses associated with the gods of the First Time. Two pools, one rectangular and the other square, had been cut into the plinth along the centre of its long axis and at either end stairways led down to a depth of about 12 feet below the water level. These are the most important things … But my grandfather wants to tell you also, and for you to understand, that this earth is the work of an intelligent being, a spirit – a creative and intelligent spirit that has designed everything to be the way it is.

There are certain structures in the world, certain ideas, certain intellectual treasures, that are truly mysterious.

But the book does give a more detailed and in-depth explanations, as well as the interpretation of evidences (including several thorough chapters on Egypt that was not covered in the documentary, because he wasn’t given the permission to shoot there). Oh you, Uparicara Vasu, the spacious aerial flying machine will come to you – and you alone, of all the mortals, seated on that vehicle will look like a deity.It led off from the eastern edge of the inner Hypostyle Hall about zoo feet from the entrance to the temple. The way we see it, this kind of climate is a consequence of how we’re living today – not just us, but your people as well. Hovering among the motes of dust dancing in those beams, and infiltrating the heavy stillness of the air amid the great columns that held up the roof of the Hypostyle Hall, it was easy to imagine that the spirit-form of Osiris could still be present. And there remained a certain number of years to come, and he commanded in the mean space to build the Pyramids … And he engraved in these Pyramids all things that were told by wise men, as also all profound sciences – the science of Astrology, and of Arithmeticke, and of Geometry, and of Physicke.

And what was the burial in the desert of twelve high-prowed, seagoing ships if not also a mystery that cried out, loudly, for solution? As Naville observed, the Osireion’s similarity to the Valley Temple at Giza ‘showed it to be of the same epoch when building was made with enormous stones’. Hopi Indian Reservation, May 1994: Across the high plains of Arizona, for days and days and days, a desolate wind had been blowing. Tiwanaku was a planned city which, according to UNESCO, reached its peak between 400 AD and 900 AD, [5] but is assigned an earlier date by Hancock.In these scenes Osiris wore a variety of different and elaborate crowns which I studied closely as I walked from relief to relief. An inherent part of that tradition, was the belief or memory of a First Time, long, long ago, when the gods had ruled in Egypt. Beside him was his grand-daughter Melza Sifki, a handsome middle-aged woman who had offered to translate. There is evidence of an astonishingly early period of agricultural advance and experimentation in the Nile Valley at about the end of the last Ice Age in the northern hemisphere.

We take pride in offering a wide selection of used books, from classics to hidden gems, ensuring there is something for every literary palate. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. The Gods came in their respective flying vehicles to witness the battle between Kripacarya and Arjuna. The notion of their being moored was taken so seriously that an irregularly shaped small boulder was found placed near the ‘prow’ or ‘stern’ of several boat graves. At the extreme left stood two figures exquisitely carved in high relief: Seti and his young son, the future Ramesses II.

A. Kitchen, Pharaoh Triumphant: The Life and Times of Ramesses II, Aris and Phillips, Warminster, 1982, pp.

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